Posted on: March 29th, 2017 by MediaRare

CrimethInc. is “a think tank producing inflammatory ideas and action, a sphinx posing questions fatal to the superstitions of our age.”

In The Real Truth about Fake News our friendly anarchist media affinity reminds us that so-called “fake news” is not new, and that this development can be seen as not necessarily such a bad thing.

In these movements, we can experience a glimpse of a different way of relating to each other and to ourselves in which truth and meaning cease to be the province of the authorities.

In fact we might see this episode as the erosion of monumental truths, so necessary for our collective visions to find space and to gain traction.

The collapse of monolithic notions of truth does not necessarily set the stage for a new form of tyranny to assume control. Nor will it automatically bring about a world with space for many worlds, many truths. But as universal consensus breaks down, our rebel visions will no longer be doomed to compete powerlessly on the marketplace of ideas; they may finally threaten the marketplace itself.